For more than two decades, Dr. Randy Allan has served residents of Canada as a 
doctor at several Winnipeg clinics, hospitals, and laboratories. Subsequent to the 
completion his residency in general and anatomical pathology at The University of 
British Columbia, Dr. Randy Allan joined Richmond General Hospital (now Richmond 
Hospital) as a Pathologist where he performed laboratory work, clinical 
and forensic autopsies, and analysis of specimens, as well as oversaw quality 
assurance of hematology tests. After two years, Dr. Randy Allan joined Burnaby 
Hospital, continuing his career as an Anatomical Pathologist. Leaving Burnaby 
Hospital, Dr. Randy Allan accepted a position as Acting Director of Cytopathology, 
the subsection of the field focusing on the cellular level of diseases, at Qatar's 
Hamad General Hospital. 

Moving back to Canada, Dr. Randy Allan joined Trail Regional Hospital (now the 
Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital) in Trail as its Laboratory Director, where he 
accepted the role of Chief of Staff and ensured the quality of the laboratory 
results for both Trail Regional Hospital and the entire West Kootenay lab region. 
Moving back to Winnipeg, Dr. Randy Allan simultaneously held the positions of 
Pathologist at Trainor Laboratory and house call primary care physician at Envoy 
Medical Dispatch. During his time as a house call physician, Dr. Randy Allan 
became the Envoy Medical Dispatch’s second-highest grosser and received 
recognition as the sole primary care physician in the area able to conduct 
multiple tests at the homes of his patients. In 2001, he moved to Kenora, 
Canada, for three years to serve as a Pathologist for Lake of the Woods
 District Hospital, chairing the Laboratory Results Reporting Committee 
and conducting autopsies. 

For the past seven years, Dr. Randy Allan has returned to concentrating on
 house-call services throughout Winnipeg, originally for Four Rivers Medical 
Clinic and, currently, Main Street Medical Clinic.

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